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Book & Lyrics by Hilary Bell

Music by Greta Gertler Gold

The Red Tree by Noni Carroll

Book & Lyrics by Hilary Bell

Music by Greta Gertler Gold

Based on the book by Academy Award winning artist, writer and film maker Shaun Tan (Wall-E, The Lost Thing).

Directed by Neil Gooding

“The Red Tree takes audiences on an extraordinary journey...the original score for The Red Tree fuses pop, classical and traditional musical theatre elements with sound design and digital recording technology in an exciting contemporary twist.” — BroadwayWorld

Words by Hilary Bell.

Shaun Tan's non-narrative picture book 'The Red Tree' features a series of unrelated images with minimal, oblique text, inviting the reader to create their own story. The only constant is a small red-haired girl and, hidden on each page, a red leaf.


Her fears are embodied by this gigantic fish, which ultimately swallows her. Salvation comes through her own resourcefulness along with the red leaf - always present, but only noticed now. When she finds herself back in her bedroom, something's different: a little red sapling is emerging through the floorboards. It grows, illuminating the room, and she's ready to face the day.

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