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“A spacious voice and a welcome weakness for lushly orchestrated pop.”
The New Yorker

“Australian singer-songwriter Greta Gertler Gold is a rising name in New York's downtown singer-songwriter scene.”

WNYC Soundcheck

“Such is the exciting and peculiar alchemy of The Universal Thump's accessible but avant-garde pop.” NPR Song of the Day
“The only chink in this record's armour is that there isn't one.” Sydney Morning Herald
(The Universal Thump)
“There are passages that vividly set scenes for a film that builds itself in your mind.”
David Greenberger, Metroland


"Singer/keyboardist Greta Gertler Gold was about eight months pregnant when she played her most recent show, at Barbes about six weeks ago, with her art-rock band the Universal Thump. If that’s not punk rock, you figure out what is. The Universal Thump’s music is actually not punk at all – it’s lush, and ornate, and meticulously crafted…and an awful lot of fun." - A Richly Tuneful, Enigmatic New Album From Art-Rock Band the Universal Thump, New York Music Daily

"We rarely review EPs, and only when they offer something substantial. The Golds have really outdone themselves here. These five tracks are smart, imaginative, unpredictable, and ultimately very, very listener friendly. These tracks will stand the test of can bet your booties that they'll still sound great decades from now. They have a wonderfully cool classic sound and the songs themselves are nothing short of spectacular...We can't wait for these folks' next full-length release. Highly recommended. TOP PICK."

- Baby Sue. Full review.

It's been a long time since I last listened to music so vividly rich with colours - just listen to those skins and drums, with so many harmonics.

- Beppe Colli, Clouds and Clocks (Italy) Full Review & Interview with Greta Gertler Gold

The Universal Thump is an ambitious, overstuffed banquet of musical styles and instrumentation, with influences ranging from deep psychedelia to prog at its must evolved, convoluted and unapologetic.

- Elizabeth Nelson, NPR Song of the DayFull article.

Australian singer-songwriter Greta Gertler is a rising name in New York's downtown singer-songwriter scene. - WNYC SoundcheckFull show.

Springing from Gertler’s fertile imagination and arresting soprano voice, this fourchapter masterpiece is a study of distance and longing through the eyes of humans and other creatures from deep places. - Kay Cordtz, Elmore MagazineFull Review.

This beautifully sprawling double disc calls on more than five dozen musicians to carry out the gorgeous orchestral sweep of the 18 songs. Piano based, the settings embrace everything from chamber-like portraiture to cabaret, from the gusto of a small-town parade to the undulating seas of a modernist philharmonic. There are passages that vividly set scenes for a film that builds itself in your mind. 

- David Greenberger, Metroland 

Crystal clear ideas, executed to perfection. The more we spin this, the better it sounds… Top pick.

- Baby Sue.

I cherish both Greta Gertler and Adam Gold, the principal players in this band, the Universal Thump, and truly admire their first full-length album, especially for its arrangements which are extremely lovely and ornate.

- Rick Moody, The RumpusFull interview.

Chance is doing its best to make some wonderful music appear, as if by magic, in my mailbox. ‘The Universal Thump’ is the perfect specimen: fine compositions, stimulating lyrics, very good (both vocal and instrumental) performances, great variety when it comes to arrangements, crystal-clear recorded sound. - Clouds and Clocks (Italy). Full Review.

The only chink is this record's armour in that there isn't one.

- Kate Hennessy, Sydney Morning Herald. Full Review.

Greta Gertler & The Carpentier String Quartet.

- Irene Trudel's show, WFMU. Link here.

Whether as a solo artist, a member of the bands Peccadillo and the Extroverts, or as one-half of the duo The Universal Thump with her husband, drummer Adam Gold, Gertler has always specialized in well-crafted, whimsical orchestral pop music that reflect influences include the Beatles, Billy Joel, Tin Pan Alley and the Brill Building. - David Chiu, Brooklyn BasedFull article.

By turns epic and intimate, Gertler's album marries richly layered pop, jazz and classical textures, sometimes all in one song. Lyrically, it is the story of Greta's first years in New York. Sonically, it echoes the work of some of Gertler's heroes such as Brian Wilson and Stevie Wonder. - Erik Philbrook, ASCAP Radar ReportFull article.

Epic Art-Rock Brilliance. 

- New York Music Daily, Alan YoungFull Review.

An Artist's Perspective on the Brooklyn Scene.

- Performer Magazine.  Link here.

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