Little Glittery:
Music for Film, TV & Commercials
Greta Gertler Gold and Adam D Gold have always created and collected pop, folk, new classical, rock, orchestral, noisy and exotic sounds as composers, songwriters, arrangers, engineers, singers and instrumentalists. In 2009 they started the orchestral pop collective The Universal Thump, releasing their widely acclaimed eponymous debut album in 2012. In 2011 they branched out and created Little Glittery to set their sounds to picture. And most recently Adam has also been offering audio post production services. The team is based in their Oh Real Yum! studio in Brooklyn, NY. They also spend time in Greta’s native Sydney, Australia. Visit their Vimeo Page to see samples of their work, such as this one:

Greta's songs have been placed in numerous TV shows and commercials, including this ad for Globul, which has garnered her tens of thousands of Bulgarian fans:

Please contact Greta or Adam if you are looking for music or audio post production for your film, television or commercial project. 

Greta - (646) 520-7991

Adam - (917) 6694182